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Welcome to Brush Turkey Enterprises

Brush Turkey Enterprises is an award-winning business based in Maleny, on the Sunshine Coast, South East Queensland.

We specialise in the restoration of native vegetation, through education, consultancy and cultivation of our unique native flora.

We offer a holistic service that looks at revegetation and bush regeneration in the context of habitat restoration on a wider landscape scale – by establishing forests/habitat, not just killing weeds or planting trees.

From the supply of seed, plants and revegetation materials – to the planning re-establishment or restoring of existing rainforest remnants or vegetation surveys – Brush Turkey Enterprises have earnt their reputation as one of the leaders in the native vegetation restoration industry.

Brush Turkey Enterprises is more than just a business however, it’s a passion for our local ecosystems that has become a way of life. The Brush Turkey Team are also deeply involved with educating the wider community about our local ecosystems and we believe we can offer not only the best products and services but the knowledge and commitment to our local environment that is so crucial to successful outcomes for the environment and community.